Australia – Sud Africa – New Zelanda:

Tops14 - 23 µm fleeces for weaving and broken for knitting.
Scoured and carbonized15 - 20 µm
Wool-tops treated : Superwash , Total Easy Care , Basoln , Mercerized.
We can supply Mulesing free wool.

Uruguay (Mulesing free):

Tops18 - 32 µm
ScouredFor combing and carding 20/30 µm
ScouredLambs 21 - 24 µm for carding
ScouredPieces 22 / 24 µm and 26 / 28 µm
Wool-tops Superwash treated.

Argentina (Mulesing free):

Tops18 - 31 µm
Open Tops18 - 23 µm
Mohair30 - 32 µm Tops
Llama27 - 28 µm Tops, white, fawn, brown colors.
Lincoln38 - 40 µm Lustre Wool Tops and scoured
Scoured22/24 - 27 µm for carding
Greasy18 - 31 µm

European wool:

SpainMerinos hand sorted23/24 µmGreasy and Tops
RussiaMerinos hand sorted23 µmGreasy, scoured, Tops
PortugalMerinos hand sorted24/26 µmGreasy and Tops
HungaryMerinos24/26 µmGreasy
SpainCoarse hand sorted25/28 µmGreasy and Tops
RussiaCoarse hand sorted27/28 µmGreasy, scoured
GermanyMerinos28/31 µmGreasy
Germany and Netherlands31/36 µmGreasy
Speciality Fibers
CashmereMachine dehaired and in tops . From China and Outer Mongolia.
MohairCape South Africa 24/38 µm.
Texas 30/36 µm
Argentinian selected 29/32 µm
Turkey 31/40 µm
Russia 28/30 µm
SilkMulberry and Tussah. Also silk sliver A1 60mm
Baby Camel hairDehaired, tops, from China and Outer Mongolia.
Baby Yak
Camelidae FamilyAlpaca, Llama, Suri, Vicunia, Guanaco, Baby, Fs, Adult.
Our Llama is machine dehaired.